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Salted Vex Milk was developed over a sixty-four year period starting in 2017 by cortical_iv with feedback from members of EC59, and technical help from the Destiny 2 developer community.

The Members page has basic info about each clan member, such as how much time they have played Destiny 2, and the last time they played. Each member's name is a link to a page that contains information about their characters.

The PvP and PvE leaderboards contain a dropdown menu of stats such as k/d. For both PvP and PvE there is also a Greatness measure, which is a combination of multiple statistics: if your Greatness is 1 or higher, then you are kicking ass. You can sort based on a stat by clicking its name at the top of the leaderboard: clicking on it again will reverse the order. Stats are expressed in per-game averages when possible.

salt shaker imageSalted Vex Milk is not affiliated with Bungie, or the true God of Salt, DTG.

If you have suggestions or bug reports, please send me a message at our slack channel or github (cortical_iv in both cases). Note data is pulled from Bungie's servers at 4am Eastern each night, so stats may not reflect your most recent pwnage.

The source code is available at github. Salted Vex Milk uses Django 2 on the back end, and Bootstrap4 for the front end.

Many thanks to JokerRed628 for supplying the image on this page. Thanks to Jessamyn Smith at Codementor for helping me figure out the trickier parts of Django development.