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Stats and more for the EC59 Trials of Arthritis clan

Clan Description

The merger of a few Destiny Clans tied to Echo Company 59 on brought about this single Clan for Destiny 2. PS4 and PC Friendly. Who are we? A bunch of casual hardcore gamers. We have a full range of skill sets, some of our members have gone to the Lighthouse while others have gone to the Woodshed. One thing ties us together, we are a bunch of Jackwagons who like playing games and laughing at our mistakes and toasting our triumphs. But mostly laughing at each other... Where are we? Primarily centered in the USA and Canada. We have several members on the East Coast and a bunch on the West Coast, there is always likely someone on to play with. What do we like to do? Play Games dummy! Seriously we run the full range, grinding for nothing is what we do best. Raiding for sweet loot, PvP to raise the blood pressure, but really its about logging on and shooting the s#it. Sit back and relax, the jackwagon express is cleared for takeoff. - Chairman Z


Number of members: 94

Motto: Ooooo Member da Loot Cave?

Call sign: EC59

Creation date: Nov. 20, 2014, 2:25 p.m.

Founder: Z_Crew_TD

Clan ID#: 623172